Rocket German Review

Learning German is a challenge. there is no doubt that getting your tongue around the style of language that German requires is a shock to the system for a native English speaker. Unlike some other languages where you can get away with not overly exerting your accent, with German you absolutely must put your all into it otherwise it simply does not sound like German. Thankfully Rocket German makes this easy to do and you aren’t left wondering exactly how to say words that real German people would understand.

Rocket German is made up of several components. The first is a set of 31 interactive audio lessons which are around 25 minutes each in length and cover everything that is required to fit into a German community. You’ll learn basic and advanced phrases and conversations that cover a wide variety of real life situations. There is no wasted time here, just solid and practical lessons that teach you things that you’ll actually use.

In addition to this are 31 grammar lessons that accompany each audio lesson. This takes you from beginner to advanced German speaking as there are well over 600 activities and exercises in this component.

Regardless of what lever you are at with German you’ll benefit from Rocket German. it’s a simple to follow step by step resource that will advance your learning in a very short amount of time. the fact that each lessons is broken into such small chunks means that you don’t have to dedicate hours a day to learning; you can literally spend less than 30 minutes per day learning German and within a month be fluently speaking and understanding the language.

Being bilingual is not only a privilege but also extremely useful and German is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, used in many countries. So knowing German fluently both in the written and spoken form will serve you well when traveling or communicating with German speaking people.

Rocket German is available as an immediate download for $99.95. There is also a hard copy version that costs $299.95 plus a postage cost of $49.95 which makes it one of the most expensive physical language learning products so it is highly recommended that you get the download version.