English to French

One of the key mistakes that most French learners make is that they try to translate from English to French as directly as possible.  This is not correct and, with different word orders, this can ensure you fail to communicate properly.  So how can you go from English to French in a more authentic manner and how can you sound like a native?

You really must avoid the verbatim translation habits that many beginners get themselves into; these can mix your French up and make you sound really difficult to understand.  If you want to sound authentic then you must avoid these Anglicisms at all costs.  You can easily sound very silly if you use Anglicisms, as these will sound very strange to the French.

To sound more authentic you have to think French. Instead of thinking about what you want to say and then translating it from English to French, you need to think in French and immerse yourself into the language. This seems difficult and perhaps the best way is to live in France, but this cannot always be practical or financially possible.

If you want to become fluent and make your French a little more French, you can learn using a more natural process.  There are many good resources that will help you become fully immersed in the language without throwing you in at the deep end.  There are also many online courses that achieve this and which are very effective.  Since they are so effective, you can save yourself a lot of time, embarrassment and money.

These courses are interactive and thus afford you the opportunity to practice your language.  By thinking in French, you will get yourself into French mode and you will think like a French person.  This verbatim translation will soon be gone and your spoken French will be flowing and natural.  By practicing, you will also have the confidence to go and replicate this language in a French speaking environment.

If you are fed up with this English to French mentality and if you have suffered with it enough, then you should get yourself enrolled in one of these courses.  They can make a fast and vast improvement and prevent these silly mistakes from ruining your otherwise good French.  As long as you can ditch the translation mode then you will pick up more language and get the feel of it.  This is important and you mustn’t allow yourself to get into bad habits; you should set off on the right track to avoid time-consuming turnarounds as you learn how to go from English to French.

Many people think they can just translate from English to French in a verbatim manner and that this will just give them the fluency they desire.  They are 100% mistaken and you cannot do this if you want to learn to speak French in an authentic and fluent manner.  Keep your learning program natural and avoid the textbook approach. Those that learn from a textbook will fall into this trap more often than others and thus it’s a good idea to find yourself a good course to put you on the right track.